The quality and diversity of resources among our group of diverse performing arts institutions enables fructuous on-going reflections and training. The partners will organise a European peer learning between executive directors and production, technical and audience managers from the different countries. These working groups will meet regularly throughout the whole project at key moments to share knowledge, practices, experiments and questions on “performing landscape”.

The working groups will first identify the relevant questions and needs, and scientists or experts will be invited to join some sharing sessions.  
This will establish a common ground and help define the areas of concern for the European partners. Some topics are already identified:
approaching new territories with care (audience and management teams), articulating local and global in all the phases of the project, improving capacity building of our institutions (management team), performing outdoors with a minimum environmental impact (technical teams)? to make concepts travel instead of shows? (Production and artistic teams) How to diversify the audience? (Audience management teams). The key question leading the working group revolves around how to develop sustainable formats of international co-production in local territories: resilient, decentralised, and innovative?
They will evaluate and improve the restaging methodology and protocols after each new implementation of the event Shared Landscapes. This will allow them to build up a practical tool kit with technical, administrative, artistic and production inputs on how to create theatre in the landscapes: This will help the sector globally learn about how to perform outdoors, developing a better understanding of the contexts by sharing references and practices.