Bunker - Mladi Levi Festival


Bunker is a non-profit cultural organisation that produces and presents contemporary theatre and dance performances, organises workshops and educational programmes, including the cultural education festival Drugajanje, conducts various research methods in the field of culture and organises a renown international festival, the Mladi Levi Festival. Since 2004, it has managed the Old Power Station, a contemporary theatre venue in Ljubljana.

The Mladi Levi International Festival is one of Bunker's most important annual events, bringing the most current stage performers from around the world to Ljubljana in late summer every year since 1998. It stands out for its demanding artistic profile, set in the field of contemporary progressive theatre, and takes pride in its reputation for discovering young talent. The festival has a distinctive atmosphere of creativity and vibrancy, a curious audience and social commitment.
The Mladi Levi Festival will be the framework for Performing Landscape. Rooted in the black box and the local environment, but keen to experiment with new forms and spaces, the festival will open up new dimensions of discovery of landscapes, new territories and nature through artistic practices for the artists and the audience.

A territory for Shared landscapes | August 2024

Bunker has not yet decided on a territory, as the Mladi Levi Festival is one of the last presentation venues of the project. Therefore, the decision on the territory will be based on the experience of the other partners and on seeing the project in the partners' territories.

As Ljubljana is not a big city, experiencing the countryside and nature is only a step away outside the city centre. Nevertheless, people seem to have discovered this only  

during the pandemic lockdown, when they were confined to their own communities. For a few months, these places were almost exploited. Three years later, Bunker aims to rediscover them and bring people together again, but this time through art.

Basic characteristics of such a territory would be that on the one hand it is far away from the city, so that one has the feeling of being in nature, but that the place is still accessible by local transport.
Thus, in a society where the car plays such a big role as in Slovenia, people can reach the location by bus or even by bicycle. The area should have the character of a new and very unexpected place where one would never imagine an artistic project taking place.