El Conde de Torrefiel

El Conde de Torrefiel is a Spanish collective that creates visual and textual theatre pieces in which theatre, choreography, literature and the visual arts cohabit. For the end of the day and of the route, El Conde de Torrefiel will install the audience in a situation in which they will contemplate a 

“subtitled” landscape, augmented by an LED screen on which thoughts, questions, perspectives and revelations will unfurl. A collective reading of the landscape which will highlight the imperceptible and some of the fictions that govern our representations of nature.

El Conde de Torrefiel is a Barcelona-based duo made up of Tanya Beyeler and Pablo Gisbert. El Conde de Torrefiel aims to understand the links between the rationality and meaning of things determined by language, as well as the abstraction of concepts, the imaginary and the symbolic in relation to the image. Their creations seek out a visual and textual aesthetic in which theatre, choreography, literature and visual arts coexist, focusing at the moment on the 21st century and the existing relationship between the personal and the political. Their theatre reinstates the fourth wall to allow a return to group sensuality: 
they try not to touch audience members directly, but to titillate them in order to give them back their role of active witness, aware of what they are receiving, as close as possible to their sensations and impressions. Their theatre reports on the contemporary world but does not produce any dogmatic thinking or political analysis because, according to them, “works should not close by postulating, but open by questioning”. Theirs is a theatre of emotion, of poetry and of the present, where subjectivities can exist freely in the face of the demanding ambiguities of contemporary collective life.