Research & Peer Learning

Each institution associates a researcher for the local creation of Shared Landscapes.

The researchers come from different backgrounds and countries and are all interested in the relation between performing arts and landscapes, territories - performing art, sociology, territorial management, land-planning to give more context and to think outside the box of theatre and to provide an academic approach. They feed the collective reflection of the project with inputs from different fields.
Locally each researcher accompanies their affiliated institution in the whole process following the local research, territory analysis and implementation phases of the project Shared Landscapes. At the end of the process, after seeing the local restaging, they participate in a public talk and write a paper about the project. In parallel the partner institutions organise peer learning sessions between production, technical and 
audience development teams from the different countries. The key question leading the working groups revolves around how to develop sustainable formats of international co-production in local territories: resilient, decentralised, and innovative? They will evaluate and improve the restaging methodology and protocols after each new implementation of the event Shared Landscapes. This will allow them to build up a practical tool kit, “Performing Landscape”.




Tool Kit