Temporada Alta


Temporada Alta it’s a performing arts festival that takes place mainly in the cities of Girona and Salt between the months of October and December. The festival it’s a window open to the world and a meeting point between the Catalan and international scene, a space for the display of theatre proposals and a platform for supporting the creation and production of shows, an impeller of the professional exchange networks.
The festival has worked and succeeded on bringing to the spaces that Temporada Alta proposes audiences from all over the region. Temporada Alta happens in Girona, a medium size town wich is the biggest of a very rural region, so the access of culture to rural areas and population is an interest for the festival and Performing Landscapes will help us on this objective of exploring new territories and audiences.
Shared Landscapes is a natural step on this work of bringing citizens to culture in very different spaces and ways.  On the other side, proposing the artists new ways to work on a more environment friendly ways is a natural step on the evolution of the festival, that in the last years is thinking and working on sustainability.

A territory for Shared landscapes | Octobre 2024

Temporada Alta happens in Girona and diverse medium towns on the province of Girona, which is not an area with big cities. Very close of these towns –usually at walk-
very divers landscapes can be found. It is easy to find rural areas that combine open fields and wooded areas. 
Most of them are along the river Ter, which forms a
network of forest and ponds and the contrast between wet and very dry areas results in a great diversity of species.