Stefan Kaegi

The Swiss and German director Stefan Kaegi invites the audience to lie down under the trees, to put on headphones, and to listen to a conversation recorded under similar circumstances. 

An immersion into sound for a shift in perspective.
Conversation with a psychoanalyst, a singer, a curious child, a forest ranger and a meteorologist.

Stefan Kaegi creates documentary theatre, radio plays, nomadic concepts and projects in urban spaces in awide variety of constellations, in which animals and even audiences often play a central role. Together with Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel, Kaegi works under the label Rimini Protokoll, which has been awarded, among other distinctions, the Silver Lion for Theatre at the Venice Biennale in 2011. 
In the last few years, Rimini Protokoll has staged, among others, the tetralogy State 1-4 about the phenomena of post-democracy, the simulation of a World Climate Conference at the Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, the jellyfish installation win<>win and the urban walk Utopolis at the Manchester Festival.